Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ten Miles

Orange Juice with the pulp may feel weird inside your mouth, but it tastes so much better than Orange Juice without the pulp.

Mountains aren't there to find a way around, they're there so you'll find the initiative to climb over them.

People are Mean. People, though, are usually not. (Just wait for it)

Hugs linger longer than handshakes.

Smiles may fade but frowns can't fade anymore than they already have.

Faith isn't spiritual, it's a choice.

Trust is something to re-gift. Often.

The only thing that matters more than anything in this world is, well, Mattering.

Quit worrying so damn much.

Oh, and one other thing... Love Is Yours.

Those are My Ten Miles.


  1. I'd offer a hug too, but this just looks weird. I might need to change my name. ;)

    Beautifully said, SinT.

  2. "hugs linger longer than handshakes"... how true... :)