Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Be Good


Find your Moment.

We all have them.

You probably haven't found yours yet, but you will. It's that moment when every worry you've ever had or every fear you've ever faced just fades away. It's that one moment that you can wrap around yourself, shielding whatever may come as best you can, and still know that you'll be OK.

It might be a memory or it might be a hopeful dream. It might be a vague idea or it might be a fantasy. It might be a song or it might be a book. It might be a wish or it might be a look. That rhymed in such an absurd way. This is your Dad we're talking about here.

Find your Moment and keep it stored so deep inside that no one, nothing & no circumstance can take it from you.

That's your center of the universe. That's your immortal star. That's your singularity.

We're all scared. We're all afraid of tomorrow, in a sense. We all worry about what is just right around the bend. We don't do such things because we're cowards, we do such things because we're Humans Being Human. It's a gift that being Alive gave us.

Find your Moment when you need it most. Rest in it for a while. And when you're ready to try again...


Just make sure that, above all else, you Be Good.

Because if you don't... you can't take it back.

Just Do It!

I kill me.

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