Friday, October 22, 2010

Ever Might Be

Just about every night I have the same dream.

It may come around just after I've fallen asleep, when the numbers on the clock are virgin and young, or it may come around when those numbers climb their way to a new tomorrow. The only guarantee I know is that eventually, at some point, it will come.

The bed is always warm, the fan is always pointed in just the right direction, the pillows are always far too comfortable, and the night is always still hours away from its marriage with the rising sun.

In that dream I stir, I roll over onto my left side, and the question pops into my groggy head.

"Hey Kid... if you don't wake up tomorrow... are you proud of what you were awake for Today?"

As much as I want to say "Yes", I always know I'd be a liar to say such things. On the other hand, it always feels wrong to say "No". So, I always say the same thing.

"I might be."

Do me a favor... don't ever "Might Be".

It's a waste of a good dream.

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