Sunday, July 31, 2011


When I was a senior in High School I had the greatest teacher ever.

It was 6th period. The last class of the day. Ironically enough, in the last classroom on the right, down the freshman hall.

Mrs. Adcox was her name.

She was my English teacher.

In her room there was an incredibly, ridiculously, atrociously thick dictionary that stood on a pedestal.

Every day when I slugged my way into class and dumped my backpack on the floor next to my desk, I would go over to that big ass book and flip it open, albeit randomly, to a page. I would close my eyes and press my finger down on that exposed bit of paper.

If I already knew the word my finger had found, I would repeat the ritual.

True Story.

It amused Mrs. Adcox.

She asked me why I did it.

"Because as long as I could do this, I'll never know everything it has to tell me".

That was my answer. Honest to God. Every time she asked me.

I honestly believed that. I honestly still do.

She would smirk and go on about prepping for the lesson. To this day, she's one of the hand full of teachers I truly am grateful for having been around.

She let me Learn.

I hope your teachers do the same.