Saturday, June 23, 2012

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Unfortunately, you'll probably live the majority of your lives being told that we, as a species, are full of difference. See, you'll be influenced by the people you encounter, the people you hear & most importantly, the people you trust. You'll be segregated by color, by ideology, by religious beliefs, by community & by fear. Those are traits you've yet to fully acquire but they are waiting in the wings. Those traits will desire you because your influences will require you to desire them. And you will desire them... for a season.

And no longer than that season, I hope above all hope.

We are all different. That is a fact. But we are not full of difference.

See that. In everyone you encounter, everyone you hear & everyone you trust. See that. You'll find a way past color, beyond ideology, through religion, around community & over fear. See that. Don't just look at it. See it.

Looking never let's you see.

We'll figure this world out yet... I promise.