Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I had an older gentleman come up to me today, rather abrupt & with intent, who asked me a very simple question.

"What's up with the hair?"

It was awkward. I was leaving a restaurant and just walking to a vehicle but this individual felt a compulsion to approach me and inquire about my own being, my own body & my own presence (if you'll permit me that).

It's an honest question, though. I acknowledged that fact. I try to acknowledge all facts. I do. I fail often but I try.

What's up with the hair?

He asked why it was "long". My answer was completely honest. "Because it grows". His retort, "Why don't you cut it?". My reply, "Why do you cut yours?". His reply "Because it looks better.".

Fair enough.

In all honestly, it was merely a simple, symbiotic thesis we were both shooting for. It isn't complicated at all. It's all about perception and how we like to lay our own perceptions upon those that we don't actually perceive (well, away from our own expectations). Or in other words... damn if we don't sleep better seeing people that look like us.

He was a nice man, though. I'll remember that about him.

I say all of this because I want you to try to see people with your eyes closed. I want you to hear them. Better yet, listen to them. Smell them. Taste them if you must. Be near them. But don't you ever look at them with expectation. Keep your eyes closed as long as you can.

They'll never live up to what you yourself haven't lived up to. You need to think about that.

They're not you and they never have been. You're not them and you never will be.

But you both Are.

You reckon it's the hair?

(Thank You, Tori.)