Saturday, June 16, 2012


I have lived a random life.

I have not contributed to my society in any notable way and I have not taken away from it in the same fashion. I have simply been around. That encompasses the majority of us, I think. We're always around.

I've lived my life with that great landscape in mind. Judging myself on what I have or have not done to help the greater picture, the greater cumulative or even the greater collective of mouth breathers roaming too & fro. I've always been that silent twig who has a leaf or two that waddles in the wind while it itself remains unmoving.

I knew all along that the greater picture, the greater cumulative & all of those mouth breathers never disturbed their sleep with my own worry, yet I always disturbed my own with theirs. I knew the definition of insignificance. The greater picture never asked for my brush. The greater cumulative shunned the idea of adding another obscure addition to its fold. The greater collective marched headstrong on, believing fully & with passion, in what the human being next to them shouted louder.

I found my solace in that acceptance, by the way. That was my peace.

My license plate has meaning. I'm just waiting to go home. :)

You won't understand this letter now. You will one day. I have that much faith in your pictured, cumulative & collective brains.

Never be afraid to live outside of the box. Never, ever, fear being in the fields.

It is where we grow.

We take pretty pictures in a cumulative fashion & we collectively overcome and prosper on our own... individually. We have no other choice at the end of the day.

Talk Hard, My Brood. Don't be afraid of feeling alien.

We All Are.

And All is Well.