Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little While


I hope one day you'll remember tonight.

You & your Brother were fast asleep, the distant sounds of Scooby Doo falling on ears that had long since retired. I pulled your covers up, kissed your foreheads, and quietly closed the door. I then went where I go when I feel at peace with the world.

The sky was a menagerie of lonesome clouds and winking stars. My kind of night.

I stood on the front stoop enjoying the unseasonably warm air and lamented on the Saturday looming ahead. Everyone loves the weekend, I know. I just don't like the weekends when you have to go back, I suppose.

Leaning against the porch post, watching the little valley below rise and fall, I felt the incredible need to reach my hand out and steal a little moonlight.

That's when I heard that tell-tale click.

The door behind me opened and you wandered out.

"Daddy? Are you out here?"

"Yea, Baby. Are you OK?"

"Yea, just can't sleep."

"I'm sorry. It's warm, you can come out here with me."

"What are you doing, Daddy?"

"Honestly? Just trying to hold a little moonlight in my hand."

"Can I do that?"

"Well, you can try."

And you did.

We stood there for several minutes, watching the light that came from our sun bounce off the moon and find a little bit of rest in our milky palms. 

"Daddy, can we hold the moonlight all night?"

"No, Frog. But we can for a little while."

Then you smiled.

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