Monday, December 27, 2010

Second Pianos

The day you were born, Virginia Tech lost to California. I remember it. I was sitting in a hard chair next to your Mother. She was trying to find a way to deliver you but her body was not feeling cooperative.

We found a way, though.

When I first picked you up, you screamed at me. I was so afraid of breaking You. I cradled you in my arms and held you closer than I hold my own soul.

I still do.

The first piano you ever found, found you. It was your third birthday. You ambled into the room one Christmas Morning and sat down on the little pink bench. Plunk Plunk and you made music. It was beautiful.

Seven Years is a Lifetime for some. I hope it's only the beginning of yours.

I so hope you like Second Pianos.

Happy Birthday, Frog.

Daddy Loves You.

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